Noseworthy: ‘It’s Been a Good Run’

As the curtains come down on his 28-year career with Mayo Clinic, Dr. John Noseworthy has a final message to deliver: Despite uncertainty in the external world, Mayo Clinic remains as strong as ever.


The Mathis Report: Baptist Health Plans Oakleaf ER, Care Center; Flagler Hospital Buys in Nocatee

Baptist Health Properties Inc. plans a new stand-alone ER and a new primary care center.

Mandarin Special Needs Center Expands its Reach in Clay County

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1-in-6 children in the U.S. have some sort of developmental disability ranging from mild speech delays to serious conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism. In an effort to meet the demand, one local rehab center in Mandarin is now expanding its reach to help kids in need in Clay County.

Health Care is Where the Jobs Are. But What Kind of Jobs?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tallies job creation, says that for most of this year the health sector outpaced the retail industry. Only government, on all levels, employs more people. One of the consistent features of the BLS reports is that health care has reliably added thousands of jobs to the economy each month.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses in the World

Travel nursing within United States is one of the hottest trends because of the flexibility, high pay, excitement, and ability to travel the country. International nursing is a trend that is just starting to gain popularity. While the pay is much lower than in the United States, most nurses who travel internationally want to experience another country and get away from the current nursing shortage.

New Technology Redefines Rehab

They are the movements most of us take for granted: stepping onto a curb, bending over to pick up a dropped pen or standing up to greet a loved one who just got home. For patients recovering from a physical injury or diagnosed with a neurological condition, these actions can seem almost impossible without assistance.

In 2019, Blue-Collar Workers Disappearing And In Hot Demand

Next year will be another banner year for blue-collar labor. Be they truck drivers or HVAC workers, employees who didn’t do four or more years in a liberal arts college are hard to find and in hot demand heading into 2019, according to a report released December 13 by The Conference Board, a nonprofit organization researching the American business climate.

Apprentice Programs Help Build Florida’s Workforce

Florida’s economy is thriving, with the lowest unemployment rate in more than a decade. New elected leaders will have the opportunity to shape our economic future and harness Florida’s momentum to make our state a global leader for talent.

Want to be Paid a Straight Salary? Here’s How it’s Done

According to results of a 2017 survey, 70% of general physicians and 78% of specialists said they’d rather be paid by straight salary (or paid by salary with a few incentives) than by volume of services. But the straight-salary model doesn’t come without potential downsides, and it won’t be easy for hospitals and practices to transition from paying physicians by fee-for-service to straight salaries.

New Center Gives Clay County Residents More Access to Outpatient Surgery

A 17,000-square-foot outpatient surgery center has been added to the Baptist Clay Medical Campus in Fleming Island. The new surgery center, which is an extension of the current medical campus off U.S. 17, will give people in Clay County more access.